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Academic Activities
jams 책 이미지
JAMS (Journal of Acupuncture & Meridian Studies)
It is a professional academic journal of Traditional Medicine and indexed in MEDLINE of National Library of Medicine in the US, Scopus, CINAHL Plus, EMBASE and ScienceDirect primally in the field of Korean Medicine.
jams 책 이미지
JoP (Journal of Pharmacopuncture)
This journal is indexed in National Research Foundation of Korea and published in English since 2012. The editorial board members consist of worldwide scholars and researchers from 13 countries.
jams 책 이미지
iSAMS (International Scientific Acupuncture & Meridian Symposium)
It is held at the world renowned Medical schools in the various locations of the different continents every year in order to Share and exchange information and research results or Korean Medicine and Pharmacopuncture.
jams 책 이미지
Textbook of Pharmacopunture
Pharmacopuncturology, used as a textbook nationwide in the College of Korean Medicine is published by Elsevier in Korean, English and Chinese. “The Guidelines of Clinical Treatment” and “Handbook for Students” will be published.