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Voluntary Service
나누는 기쁨, 행복한 사회, 굿닥터스 나눔단
The MAPI has actively contributed to the public welfare by fulfilling public responsibility as a health care provider.
In August 2010, the KPI established a medical service team called ‘YAGGI CHIMY’ to continuously and systemically contribute to the public welfare.
Since then, our team has been helping our neighbors who suffer from poverty and disease.
봉사자 단체사진

Main support
• YAGGI CHIMY has been supported annually by the government and by many companies. Thanks to them, it plants the seeds of hope in medical blind spots not only nationwide but also worldwide in pursuit of the ideology of ‘sharing joy and making a happier society’. In 2014, it changed its official title to ‘Good Doctors Philanthropy Agency’ and inherited and developed the medical service team’s spirit and the capability for extensive activity in local and foreign areas.
봉사활동을 펼치고 있는 굿닥터스 회원들